The Langlands program has seen many exciting geometric developments recently, linking with developments in homotopy theory, p-adic geometry and derived algebraic geometry, to name a few. This conference will bring together established and junior researchers in these areas.

We gratefully acknowledge support by the Crafoord Foundation.

See the section on travel for information related to Covid-19.

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We can provide limited funding for junior participants. If you require funding, please indicate so on the registration form and register no later than 10 April.


We are cautiously optimistic that the health situation linked to the Covid-19 pandemic will have improved by June 2022, allowing our conference to be mostly held in-person. However, it is likely that some preventive measures will still be in place. Regulations for travel to Sweden can be found at Swedish Health Authorities’ website. In particular, you can find current information on entry requirements and on recommendations for people entering Sweden.

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